Born in September? Study reveals a trend in intelligence for September babies!

Born in September? Study reveals a trend in intelligence for September babies!


People have long clung to the idea that our traits may be somehow aligned to the stars and that we often develop certain characteristics based on the time of year we were born. However, until now, astrology has had very little to show for itself in the way of fact-based research.


A project started by the National Bureau of Economic Research has found that their students who were born in September have a tendency to be more intelligent than those born in other months.



The study looked at evidence from 1.2 million students in Florida between the ages of 6 and 15, taken from different months of birth.


One of the proposed reasons why it seems that students born in September outshine their classmates from other months is due to the cutoff dates for enrollment. Students who are born in September are in the final cutoff before the next year, meaning that they are the oldest in their year groups. This extra bit of age, according to research, can account for the discrepancy between academic results.


Students born in August, however, face the opposite challenge, as they are most likely to be the youngest in their class. This was also found to be the case when it came to the results, which showed that on average, students born in August were likely to have lower grade averages.


September kids also have more good news as the research showed that their grades tend to build up over the years increasing their chances of getting good grades and attending top universities.



Were you born in September? If so, let us know in the comment section whether you think it made you smarter or not.


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